Dr. Larian is an experienced Beverly Hills ENT specialist who has helped countless patients throughout Southern California over the years. He is known for using the most advanced technology available to help patients find relief from different head and neck disorders.

Dr. Larian realizes that this is your medical care and your life, which is why he goes out of his way to make you feel as comfortable as possible. He pays attention to detail, and continuously makes sure he understand the needs and goals of his patients. Dr. Larian firmly believes that you not only deserve a doctor who is an expert in the field, but one who listens and explains your treatment options as well.

Because Dr. Larian truly values the bond he has with his patients, he is committed to putting you first. He strongly believes that there is more to it than just prescribing medications and performing surgery. In his opinion, the most important thing is to earn the trust of his patients. This allows Dr. Larian to build fruitful and lasting relationships, which in turn will help him optimize and individualize treatment options. But while Dr. Larian is on the cutting-edge of medicine, offering extensive expertise and experience, it is his compassionate and thoughtful approach that makes him stand out.

His philosophy is to treat the underlying problem before considering surgery, and will always make sure he thoroughly explains all of your treatment options. Dr. Larian is often described as compassionate and trustworthy, and he has mastered the art and science of medicine. We would like to think that is why so many of our patients have great things to say about their experiences with Dr. Larian and his staff.

Below are a couple of testimonials from our amazing patients:

Thank you for not giving up on me when others said there was nothing that could be done. You are totally awesome!
– Lara

As I approach the anniversary of my surgery, I find myself counting my blessings. Please know that meeting you rank very high on my list of blessings. Thanks so much for your excellent service and care.
– Douglas

Thank you for showing how doctors should be. You took care of the most valuable thing in our lives, our daughter.
– Dee, Terry, & Lenny

Thank you for your generosity with your time. You helped me feel confident with my father’s care, and it means so much to me. It is obvious that you love your work and are at the top of your field.
– Nicole

I want to thank you for all your kindness. You have really gone out of your way to help me, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am. You are truly special.
– Sabrina

You saved my life! I am eternally grateful to you. Your warmth and friendliness to me and my wife are exemplary. Each visit is like seeing a good friend.
– Richard & Sunny

Dr. Larian, you rock! I wish you specialized in other parts of the body so you could be my one-stop shop!
– Liz

Dr. Larian saved me from an unbearable pain in my sinuses. Not only is he a wonderful doctor, but a great guy. All in all, he is THE best.

If you would like to know more about Dr. Larian and learn about ways he can help you, schedule a consultation by calling 310.461.0300 today!