Head and Neck Tumors

Tumors in the head and neck area require special handling to preserve proper functioning of sensory organs, as well as reducing the cosmetic impact of surgery. Treatment of head and neck tumors is exceedingly complicated, it requires a team of doctors to be involved with expertise in this area. Our specialists are experienced in head and neck surgery for the removal of tumors in the vicinity of the face, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, throat, salivary glands, skull base and neck.

Each specific site, and tumor pathology demands a different kind of treatment. Benign tumors are treated by surgery and infrequently by just close observation, this again is dictated by the location and pathology of the benign tumor.

If the tumor is close to a vital structure such as the nerve or the eye, it maybe best to remove as soon as possible to avoid injury to those structures. If on the other hand the tumor presents little risk and the patient’s age or medical condition does not permit surgery, than close monitoring the tumor and its growth is the proper choice.

Malignant tumors or cancers are tumors that not only grow where they originally start, but they can destroy adjacent tissue and spread to other parts of the body. They are extremely dangerous and life threatening, and need to be treated immediately. The reason for such urgency is that the longer the tumor is left in place the more chance it has to change its character and become more aggressive and spread. The treatment of each tumor is very different; some require radiation therapy, others chemotherapy, and some are treated by surgery.

Most require a combination of these treatments such as surgery followed by radiation therapy, or chemo & radiation therapy together. The choice of which treatment is base on a variety of factors and is determined by a team of doctors working together collaboratively. Each different tumor site is listed on the ruler and on the right, if you click on it, you will be forwarded to The Center for Advanced Head & Neck Oncology website that has the treatments explained in detail (AdvancedOnc.com). This website is designed in specific by Dr. Larian and a group of specialists that work together to treat these complicated problems.

The team approach is emphasized in the surgical treatment; surgeons of different specialties are involved when the particular tumor type and extent demands it. Collaboration with plastics & reconstructive surgeons assures not only appropriate reconstruction but the best cosmetic results as well as.

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