Our sinuses consist of small chambers in the face and skull bones next to the nasal cavity that have narrow openings into the nasal cavity that allows drainage of mucous out of the sinuses. Since healthy sinuses assist in clearing excess mucus, a sinus blockage from a viral upper respiratory infection or nasal allergies can lead to fluid accumulation, increasing the probability of a bacterial infection. If this infection lasts for less than four weeks, it is called acute sinusitis. An inflammation that persists for three months or longer is called chronic sinusitis.


Sinusitis is characterized by discolored nasal discharge, congestion, decrease in the ability to smell and taste, and decrease in the ability to breathe through the nose. Chronic sinusitis can be very painful and cause infections that track into the eye and even the brain if not treated.

Innovative Sinusitis Treatment

Dr. Larian provides a variety of treatment options for both acute and chronic sinusitis, from medical therapy to revolutionary treatment including Balloon Sinuplasty™, image-guided sinus surgery, and Targeted Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. With his international reputation and leadership role in the field, Dr. Larian is also visited by patients from across the country and the world.

Diagnosis will require a complete history and a thorough exam. Nasal examination may include nasal endoscopy, which shows the internal nasal and sinus anatomy with a magnifying “telescope”.

Targeted Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Targeted Endoscopic Sinus Surgery is a revolutionary treatment option for patients with chronic sinusitis or those who have nasal polyps or frontal sinus disease. The advanced procedure works like a GPS system, using a sophisticated three-dimensional mapping system that uses real-time data and CT scans for accurate navigation of the sinus anatomy — without damaging nearby tissues. The enhanced level of precision avoiding complications since the sinuses lie close to the eyes, brain, and other vital organs and arteries.

Balloon Sinuplasty™

During this minimally-invasive procedure, a flexible balloon catheter is inserted through the nose and into the targeted sinus. The balloon is then inflated in the blocked sinus passageway to open them up. This helps widen the walls of the passageways and restores drainage and other functions of the sinuses.

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