Rhinoplasty & Nasal Reconstruction

In certain patients, the problem can be more complicated and the patient may need additional complex procedures. External valve reconstruction is a procedure to reshape and reinforce the cartilages on the side of the nose that keep the nostril open from the side. This is especially and important procedure for patients that have had previous rhinoplasty procedure, which included removal of a portion of the cartilage, that now is too weak to maintain the nostril opening. Maxillary recontouring is done when the boney anatomy of the nasal aperture is too narrow thus obstructing breathing.


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure on the nose to change the structure and form of the nose. It can be for cosmetic reasons, reconstruction of a deformed or traumatized nose, or functional reasons.

Complex Procedures

Careful analysis of the nose internally and externally is done to diagnose all problems. At times, a CT scan is obtained to view the deeper structures. Pictures are taken for further analysis and an appropriate approach is planned: open vs. closed rhinoplasty.Dr. Larian performs both open and closed rhinoplasty, customized to the unique needs of each patient. Closed rhinoplasty involves creating internal incisions that cannot be seen after surgery. During open rhinoplasty, an external incision across the columella is created to help the surgeon gain access to the internal structures of the nose. The incision usually heals well and remains unnoticeable. Once the primary incisions have been made, any obstructive tissues, including deviated parts of the septum, are corrected. After creating an open nasal passage the cosmetic and reconstructive portions of the surgery is begun. Often grafts are obtained to create natural lines and nasal anatomy.

From purely an aesthetic and artistic perspective a perfect nose is not necessarily a small one, but rather one that looks natural and fits the person[s face, and most importantly is not the center of attention. The attention should always be directed towards the more dynamic portions of the face including the expressions and the beauty of the eyes, lips and the smile. A small nose that is not appropriate to a face will bring the focus back to the nose, this is truly a failed result and all measures should be taken to avoid it.

Another very important consequence of a poorly planned rhinoplasty is nasal obstruction; when the nose is altered and is made smaller the air passage maybe disturbed. Appropriate steps must be planned, and taken during the operation to correct airway issues. All these possibilities are carefully considered and planned for before the operation.


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