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Could Your Unhappiness be a Medical Issue?

You are unhappy, almost all the time, but there is seemingly no particular reason for your sadness. Sure, you could be suffering from clinical depression. But, and this is a but most people don’t know about, it could also be the result of an undeveloped or overworked thyroid. The thyroid, a small butterfly-shaped gland located  Continue Reading »

Feedback From Our Patients

Dr. Larian is an experienced Beverly Hills ENT specialist who has helped countless patients throughout Southern California over the years. He is known for using the most advanced technology available to help patients find relief from different head and neck disorders. Dr. Larian realizes that this is your medical care and your life, which is  Continue Reading »

A Bath For Your Nose!

All of us are aware of the importance of bathing to improve our bodily hygiene, but did you know that giving your nose a bath from time to time could help improve your sinuses? In this blog, Dr. Larian, world-renowned sinus surgeon in Los Angeles, describes a helpful practice that may offer additional relief to  Continue Reading »

How Surgery Can Help with a Sinus Problem

Anyone with chronic sinus infections knows how difficult it is to live with the constant pain and irritation. Sinus problems affect so many Americans, but did you know that there are minimally invasive surgical options available in order to treat chronic sinus conditions? At the CENTER for Advanced Head & Neck Surgery, renowned sinus surgeon  Continue Reading »

What Causes Nasal Obstruction?

Stuffy nose, difficulty breathing, trouble sleeping… we’ve all experienced these annoying symptoms when we have a head cold, allergies, or a sinus infection, but for some people living with nasal obstruction, these are everyday occurrences. Nasal obstruction can be caused by a number of conditions and the nasal and sinus experts at the CENTER for  Continue Reading »

When Is Sinus Surgery Necessary?

One of the specialties of Dr. Larian, expert head and neck surgeon in Los Angeles, is helping patients overcome sinus related problems through minimally invasive sinus surgery. However, two of the most common questions that Dr. Larian hears often is when is sinus surgery necessary, and how do you know if you’re a good candidate.  Continue Reading »