One of the specialties of Dr. Larian, expert head and neck surgeon in Los Angeles, is helping patients overcome sinus related problems through minimally invasive sinus surgery. However, two of the most common questions that Dr. Larian hears often is when is sinus surgery necessary, and how do you know if you’re a good candidate. To better help his patients understand their options, Dr. Larian has gathered helpful tips and answers to the various sinus surgeries offered at the CENTER for Advanced Head & Neck Surgery in Los Angeles.

A lot of individuals that suffer from sinus infections every now and again, believe they might be a good candidate to undergo sinus surgery. However, this isn’t the case, as a diagnosis of chronic sinusitis as well exhausting all other non-surgical sinus treatments is often necessary. Sinus surgery should be viewed as a last option for individuals with sinus problems and after they’ve used medications, antibiotics, nasal sprays, and other sinus remedies. A person who is a good candidate for endoscopic sinus surgery is an individual who has been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis, which means they have chronic or constant inflammation of their sinuses, suffering from multiple sinus infections each year, experiences severe sinus symptoms that poorly impact their quality of life, and who may be otherwise in good health.

Sinus Surgery At The CENTER

At the CENTER for Advanced Head & Neck Surgery, Dr. Larian performs targeted endoscopic sinus surgery, a revolutionary procedure, with the help of a three-dimensional mapping system that allows him to see the insides of your sinuses in real time. This not only allows him to smoothly navigate the sinus, but also aids in avoiding complications or damage to the surrounding nasal tissue. During targeted endoscopic sinus surgery, or TESS surgery, Dr. Larian aims to open up the sinuses where there is blockage or remove nasal polyps. Patients often feel an immense improvement in their breathing and overall quality of life immediately after undergoing the procedure, with full results being able to be seen over the next week as your body continues to heal.

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