Voice Problems

Problems with the voice and vocal cords are fairly common. Many people will experience hoarseness of varying severity, and may temporarily lose their voice entirely. Voice problems are especially common in individuals who use their voice for a living, such as singers, teachers, and public speakers. If you experience problems with your voice, a qualified ENT such as Dr. Larian will be able to diagnose and recommend a treatment plan for it.

Voice Disorders

Common Vocal Conditions

There are many conditions which can cause problems with the voice. These conditions can affect people of a variety of ages, professions, and wellness. The most common affliction which affects the voice is laryngitis, an inflammation of the vocal cords usually brought on by viral infection or strain on the voice.

Some of the other conditions which can cause vocal problems are:

Gastroesophageal reflux disease

Vocal cord paralysis

Nodules, cysts, or polyps on the vocal cords

Cancer or other tumors of the voice box or vocal cords

Voice changes due to age


As some underlying causes of voice problems can be serious, it’s important to get any lasting hoarseness, pain, or irritation in the throat checked out by an ENT.

Risk Factors

While voice afflictions can happen to anyone, even if great care is taken with the voice, there are a number of factors that can increase the chances of being struck with a vocal problem. Taking care to avoid some of these risk factors can help to keep the voice healthy and strong, although it is not a guarantee.

Among the most common risk factors for voice problems are:


Overuse or strain of the voice



Acid reflux

Smoking can exacerbate voice problems, so if you are experiencing hoarseness or raspiness, or have lost your voice, it’s best to avoid smoking in order to recover faster.

Treatment of Voice Problems

There are a variety of treatments available for voice problems, depending on the root cause. Treatments can range from conservative therapies to minimally invasive voice box or vocal cord surgery. Due to advances in technology and understanding, surgical treatments have a high success rate and faster recovery time than in the past.

It is essential to see an experienced ENT if you are experiencing voice problems, so that they can perform a thorough diagnosis and come up with an individualized treatment plan to combat the underlying cause of your problems.

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