Thyroid Cancer

dr larian thyroid cancerAlthough the majority of thyroid nodules and growths are benign, a small percentage of them turn out to be malignant. Close to 40,000 new cases of thyroid cancer are diagnosed each year in the United States. Thyroid cancer is similar to skin cancer in that the most common forms are the most easily treated, especially when detected early. The only effective treatment for thyroid cancer is thyroid surgery. In our practice, serving Los Angeles and all of Southern California, we have been highly successful in treating thyroid cancer.

Neck Dissection for Thyroid Cancer

Unfortunately, removal of the thyroid alone is not always sufficient to eliminate thyroid cancer. If cancerous cells are present present in the lymph nodes or if the lymph nodes have become enlarged, or if the patient is at high risk for cancer regrowth, the lymph nodes in one or both sides of the neck will be removed. This procedure is known as a modified neck dissection.

In most patients who have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the time of surgery a central compartment neck dissection is performed, that is the removal of a small group of lymph nodes just below the thyroid gland (this is done through the same small incision) The lymph system can function normally after a neck dissection, but this is a complex procedure due to the close association of the nerves in this area, there is a possibility of nerve damage, which may result in numbness or weakness, as such these procedures must be performed by expert surgeons to make sure a complication is unlikely.

We perform neck dissections routinely for thyroid and other types of cancer in the neck area.

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