Local Anesthesia Parathyroidectomy


It has been shown that the chance of surgical complication decreases with the experience and expertise of the surgical team. This is evident when considering the type of anesthesia to use for your surgery. While parathyroid surgery can be done under local anesthesia or general anesthesia, the options available will depend on the surgeon’s and the anesthesiologist’s experience and comfort, as well as the patient’s condition and needs.

Our surgical team has extensive experience performing minimally invasive parathyroid surgery under local anesthesia, and it is our method of choice. The local anesthesia, in combination with improved pre-operative imaging showing the location of the abnormal parathyroid, as well as the parathyroid hormone assay which gives the surgeon confidence that the patient is cured at the time of surgery, allows for a targeted, safe, and successful parathyroid gland removal.

Minimally Invasive Parathyroid Surgery with Local Anesthesia (Loco-Regional Anesthesia)

The local anesthesia technique uses a nerve block to numb the neck so that the patient does not feel any pain. This is usually combined with light sedation, so that the patient is absolutely comfortable and usually have no recollection of the procedure or local anesthetic being given. The nerve block typically uses a combination of short and long acting local anesthetics or numbing medication which is injected to the side of the neck to numb the deeper nerves going to the area of the parathyroids, and in front of the neck to numb the are of incision. This combination of injections is called loco-regional anesthesia. Sedation can be very light, just enough to help the patient relax, or heavy enough to make the patient fall asleep.

The benefits of loco-regional anesthesia include, but are not limited to, less post-operative nausea, because no breathing tube is used there is no sore throat, no vocal cord irritation by the tube, and the ability to monitor the patient’s voice by talking to them during the operation.

With loco-regional anesthesia and sedation, the length of time spent in the recovery room is much shorter, and one can expect the entire experience to be done within three hours. Patients are generally very happy and can expect to feel very comfortable immediately after surgery.

Minimally Invasive Parathyroid Surgery with General Anesthesia

When patients are having complex parathyroid surgery, as in revision surgery or when the parathyroid is in the chest, or when patients are anxious and are not comfortable with having surgery under local anesthesia, general anesthesia is used. General anesthesia involves having the patient fully asleep with a breathing tube in the throat. The length of surgery is the same, however, it usually takes some time for patients to fully awake from this type of anesthesia and therefore the length of time in recovery room is slightly longer. The success of surgery and the recovery of surgery is generally the same as when done under loco-regional anesthesia.

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