IntraOperative PTH Testing

Our philosophy at the CENTER is to be as thorough and comprehensive as possible. Traditionally, parathyroid surgery was always plagued by not having reliable results because it depended on:

1. All four glands being found and biopsied

2. All four glands being looked at and compared under the microscope to see which glands appeared normal and which ones were abnormal (a very unreliable method of assessing parathyroids).

This resulted in greater complication rates and inconsistent outcomes. Parathyroid hormone is cleared from the blood stream very quickly, if the gland stops producing the hormone within five minutes half of the hormone in the blood stream disappears.

The rapid intra-operative PTH testing depends on this characteristic of PTH, and measures the level of PTH hormone immediately before starting the surgery and 10 minutes after the abnormal gland is removed. If the level comes down by more than 50%, it is confirmation that the surgery has been successful and the other glands are not over-producing PTH and are normal (this test is 97% accurate). By the end of the procedure the patient will have confirmation that the procedure has been successful.

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