Anyone with chronic sinus infections knows how difficult it is to live with the constant pain and irritation. Sinus problems affect so many Americans, but did you know that there are minimally invasive surgical options available in order to treat chronic sinus conditions? At the CENTER for Advanced Head & Neck Surgery, renowned sinus surgeon Dr. Larian is an expert at successfully treating patients suffering from persistent sinusitis.

What are Sinus Problems?

The sinuses are composed of small chambers near the nasal cavity that act to drain excess mucus. When the sinuses are blocked or obstructed, it can cause serious problems. Sinus blockage can lead to a bacterial infection which can cause extreme discomfort, pain, and difficulty with respiratory function. When these sinus infections last for more than several months, it has developed into chronic sinusitis. Those with chronic sinusitis suffer from facial pain, severe congestion, decreased tasting and smelling ability, and difficulty with breathing through the nose. Sinus problems can have a very negative affect on a person’s quality of life and can lead to infections in the eyes and even the brain if not treated correctly.

What is the Best Treatment for Sinus Problems?

At the CENTER for Advanced Head & Neck Surgery in Beverly Hills, expert surgeon Dr. Larian can treat patients with chronic sinusitis using a minimally invasive procedure called endoscopic sinus surgery. During endoscopic sinus surgery, a very thin instrument called an endoscope is placed into the nose and allows Dr. Larian to thoroughly inspect and then take out the blockage from the sinuses. Endoscopic sinus surgery treats the underlying cause of chronic sinus infections without damaging any surrounding areas. This minimally invasive procedure restores the sinuses back to their normal function and mucus is able to drain properly. Patients are able to breathe better through their nose and have relief from chronic sinus congestion, which improves their overall quality of life.

Who Should Perform Sinus Surgery?

It is important that patients suffering from chronic sinus infections seek nasal surgery from a board-certified surgeon who has training and experience in performing surgical procedures on the nose. As a renowned surgeon who specializes in head and neck surgery in Beverly Hills, Dr. Larian has years of experience utilizing the most advanced techniques to restore functionality to the nose. The nose is a delicate facial feature that should be handled with the utmost care during any surgical procedure. With Dr. Larian, patients can be assured that they are in the best possible hands when it comes to their sinus surgery.

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