All of us are aware of the importance of bathing to improve our bodily hygiene, but did you know that giving your nose a bath from time to time could help improve your sinuses? In this blog, Dr. Larian, world-renowned sinus surgeon in Los Angeles, describes a helpful practice that may offer additional relief to sufferers of chronic sinus infections!

What Are Neti Pots?

Neti pots have been around for centuries and are a staple in many cultures around the world. Neti pots closely resemble a small teapot or genie’s lamp, and are used with a salt and water solution to help flush the nasal passages of unwanted debris that could be hindering your quality of breathing. Designed to clear out mucous and dust, neti pots work by moving the saline solution from one nostril to another. Because the saline solution travels through your sinus passageways, it’s able to cleanse and bring balance to the area. Many people who have sinus problems including allergies, sinusitis, chronic sinusitis, often see an improvement in their symptoms after rinsing their sinuses just one time, though it is recommended that to see the full effects a user should try using a neti pot for several weeks.

Using Your Neti Pot

If you purchase a neti pot, it’s very important to follow the instructions, as rinsing your sinuses too much could do more damage than good. If using tap water or unclean water in your neti pot, it’s a great idea to boil it before making your solutions, as this will ensure that you aren’t adding any unwanted organisms to your sinuses that could cause an infection. Though using a neti pot for the first time can bring a bit of uneasiness as the feeling does take some getting used to, it’s important to be as relaxed as possible going into it. Finally, make sure that you properly clean your neti pot after every use to make sure that it doesn’t pick up any bacteria.

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